Elementalz 2012 Release!

2012-07-18 23:28:31 by Starwolfff

For you guyz who've been waiting for it to come out, here you go : Elementalz 2012. After 5 months of work, the EP is finally here.

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?lww7dyefbv0744w

"DJ Wolfff" right at work

2012-05-06 18:24:24 by Starwolfff

So, 'zup guys? I've been working alot those times to build my first free album (like all the other ones that will come out in coming years, still) . Anyway, Elementalz 2012 should be out by june-jully for free download for those who are interested in it. The official list of the songs is the following :

1 - Rain Dropz
2 - Storm Windz
3 - Hunting Shadowz
4 - Blazing Heartz
5 - Ice Path (Ice Cap Remix)
6 - NightSky
7 - So Far Away
8 - Dark Words
9 - Luximas
10 - Lavender Ghosts (Remix)

And those wich COULD be in it, but they're still unfinished :

11 - Raving Deadz
12 - Tidal Mindz
13 - Flooding Time

At last but not least, I announce that my DJ name will now be DJ Wolfff. So that doesn't change a lot of thing... Buuutt, uh... Well that sounds more professionnal, I think x). Anyway, have a nice day everybody!

"DJ Wolfff" right at work